Here at Wild Local Seafood Co. we are at the forefront of eco-friendly practices. We are industry leaders in sustainability with a majority of our fish being caught only by hook and line practices, or troll methods for salmon. We work with the University of California Santa Barbara, constantly hiring interns from their Environmental Science department who only further our passion for sustainability! All seafood we sell is caught under strict California/U.S. guidelines for size, season, and by-catch. We do not buy ANY farmed fish due to the poor quality of seafood, use of dye, and GMO’s present in the fish. Furthermore we do not purchase seafood caught internationally due to the disgraceful practices and standard of industry our owner experienced traveling abroad, not to mention the wasteful emissions of importing fish. These fishing practice have wreaked havoc ecologically threatening our seas making local seafood the only sustainable healthy option! Go Local and go wild to help foster an ecological consciousness in the food industry!


Food Miles

Food miles can be described as the pollution emitted and energy needed to transport food. Buying locally benefits the environment, as it drastically reduces these negative impacts associated with transporting goods via truck or ship. By choosing a local choice over an imported product, not only do you, as the customer, know where your food is coming from, but you can drastically reduce carbon emissions by eliminating the need for food transportation.

Ecological Stability

All of our fish is sustainably caught meaning that we abide by California’s regulations on where, how, what and when we fish. By abiding by these regulations we ensure populations aren't depleted, as to maintain ecological stability within the ocean. This stability is imperative, as ecosystems are fragile, interconnected systems that rely on negative feedback systems. Unsustainable fishing results not only in the endangerment of that depleted fish, but all other organisms within its ecosystem, as all species are interrelated in some way. Support sustainable fisheries that work hard to save our ocean!


An important aspect of sustainable fishing involves abiding by regulations that pertain to seasons. Each species has a specific season within which it is allowed to be fished. If this species is fished outside of its season it can be detrimental, as this time is needed to bring the species’ population back to equilibrium. For this reason a lot of the species we fish can't be found year round because we firmly believe in the imperativeness of preserving each species’ population!