Local Fisherman, Fishing The Dream

Our business was founded as an alternative to unsustainable and ecologically destructive fishing practices found globally. Seafood is an integral part of our society’s diet, proving the importance of finding a healthy alternative that not only nourishes our body, but protects the environment.

Our owner, Ben Hyman, spent nearly two decades working on Commercial fishing vessels for species ranging from tuna, crab, live rock fish, local black cod, live local halibut, ling-cod, local white sea bass, local thresher shark, squid, and more. What he saw was a lack of respect to both the fisherman and the actual fishing practice - neglecting to pay workers enough and supporting the excessive importation of fish, regardless of the abundance of wild local seafood.

We strive to provide fish in a sustainable fashion, optimizing "local-ism" with food. This means slashing transportation miles and emissions associated with delivering and importing fish via boat or truck to table. This also means the customer knows where and how their seafood is caught, enabling the public to actively pursue sources that are better for their lifestyles and the environment. We are able to source any fish from domestic waters BUT DO NOT sell fish caught internationally under non-sustainable practices!