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Our Seafood is always fresh, local and Wild Caught. Being sustainable and conscious of our fishing is of the utmost importance to us. If you're a likeminded fish eater then we are the team for you!

GO WILD! Wild Local fish are sustainable and delicious without the environmental repercussions caused by poor fishing practices abroad. Wild Local Seafood Co. strives to deliver a higher caliber product to fine eateries, purveyors of seafood, and the general public whom deserve it the most! We specialize in local seasonal fisheries and, due to the decades the owner has spent up and down the state fishing, contacts are plentiful to deliver you fresh, delicious seafood. Our seafood includes Local Halibut, White Sea Bass, Pacific Red Rock Cod, Lingcod, Uni (urchin), Local Spiny Lobster, Local SB Stone Crab, Local Dungenous Crab, Local Swordfish, Local Black Cod, Local Spot Prawn and Ridgeback, Local Oysters, Local Tuna (Seasonal Albacore and Ahi) , Yellowtail, Black Gill, Local Wild California King/Chinook Salmon, and much more! Support our Oceans and go Wild Local Seafood Co!


Our Goal

We strive to sustainably deliver wild local fish from the California waters to fine eateries, caterers, and the general public.

Who We Are

Led by Captain Ben Hyman, WLSC is a company that believes in maintaining the integrity of the seafood industry, bringing sustainable seafood to the general public.

Our Seafood

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